21 May 2017: Knights Impact departure day

Today is the day! Last fall, my colleague Dr. John Girard first told me and Prof. Chris Tsavatewa about Fathom Impact Travel and the prospect of taking students on an international service-learning experience in the Dominican Republic. In January, I traveled with the Girards, Prof. T., and Drs. Keith and Melinda Moffett aboard the Fathom Adonia to explore the possibility firsthand. Today, 24 Middle Georgia State University students boarded Adonia to become the inaugural Knights Impact participants.


Enjoying the Sail Away party




My favorite ship!


Bye bye, USA!


As I write we’ve been sailing for about 45 minutes, leaving PortMiami behind. I drove to Miami yesterday with Sheron Smith from Marketing & Communications. She will be documenting our activities to share with the university and the community. We arrived at the port at about 11:45 along with 6 students who had stayed at the same hotel we did. Yesterday, 4 of those 6 actually passed us on the highway and we all waved to each other. That was the highlight of our driving day! The highlight of today was seeing the last student through the check-in line and onto the ship. Departure day is challenging because so many things could go wrong: car trouble, flight delays, miscommunication…. The travel gods smiled and there were only a couple of minor hiccups.

We boarded with time to spare, everyone got lunch, and we were allowed into our cabins by about 2:00. I have an amazing cabin on this sailing: it’s a balcony cabin right on the front of the ship. So this is my view right now:IMG_7701

Not for the first time I have to say that as a work assignment, this is just not terrible.

I walked around the ship after lunch checking that everything was where I left it and taking some pictures for our social media. Only a few students have been up on deck this afternoon. I suspect many of them left for Miami in the wee small hours and have been taking a much-deserved nap. I’m eager to see everyone at dinner and find out their impressions so far. Now that everyone is safely on board I am excited too. It’s gratifying to see this project come to fruition. Hopefully this group will be the first of many, although after this time we will have to change to a different ship and itinerary. Fathom is changing its structure and the Adonia will no longer be doing dedicated impact travel cruises. That’s disappointing because this program is so good—and I really dig this ship! But we already have some plans for the next iteration. And because this is the last sailing to the DR, there is some extra excitement on board. The positive definitely outweighs the negative.

Almost time to get ready for dinner. We have to take a group picture this evening in our MGA shirts. I hope I do not look too sunburned and windblown from standing on the deck as we sailed away.

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