Eiffel Tower!

Today we went to the Eiffel Tower like good tourists. We went up the elevator all the way to the top! I had never been up so I was pretty excited. The line was a little long but it moved fast. As usual I would recommend arriving early. We got there around 9:15 (it opens at 9:00) and by the time we left the Champ de Mars in the early afternoon the line was MUCH longer.

The three of us went to the Eiffel Tower, ate lunch on the Champ de Mars, and then Vicki, Samantha and I took a boat tour on the Seine and went to Galeries Lafayette. So glad Daniel had cooked dinner for us when we got home, because we were tired. (BTW, for interested parties, we got off at Trocadero to go to the Eiffel Tower. It worked out splendidly!)

Daniel is here now with his laptop so I can post pictures from my camera. This is a banner day! These shots are in order of where we went: the Eiffel Tower, Champ de Mars, the boat tour, a stop off St. Germain des Pres where we stumbled onto a Laduree location, the Jardin des Plantes (another boat tour stop) and finally the roof terrace at Galeries Lafayette. Not pictured: all the amazing animal skeletons we saw in the Museum of Comparative Anatomy at the Jardin des Plantes. Also not pictured: all the accent marks that are missing from this post because I don’t know how to do them on this keyboard. Enjoy the photos anyway! A bientot! (accent grave…circonflexe)

3 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower!

  1. And you missed a treat Рyes, of course getting off at Trocadéro makes sense, but if you had changed to Line 6, or even stayed on it if that's what you were already on, you would have had a most wonderful view of the Sacré-Coeur while the train crosses the Pont du Bir-Hakeim!

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